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Welcome to Our... REBRAND!


Hi! You’ve made it! We are Something Blue Orlando and this is our very first blog post. In this post we are going to share the creation of Something Blue Orlando, our journey since then, and what we are up to today! So, we’ve decided to take it to a blog post! Now be gentle—we’re new to this.

Something Blue Orlando was created in the minds of Sam and Hannah in November 2018 (spoiler alert, it's us!). We met in the Summer of 2016 and have been the sisters to each other we never thought we needed. You’d think...that being best friends and roommates would be enough. NOT! So, we leveled up and decided to add business partners to the list. With Hannah’s experience in putting together large scale corporate events and Sam being a bridesmaid twelve times - YES, twelve times - and seeing behind the scenes experiences, we decided to create a company we both have a passion for. Don't worry, Sam is still collecting bridesmaid dresses. So naturally, she'll be taking the lead role in the sequel to 27 Dresses.

This journey of developing a business with your best friend has been like taking your first road trip together, you’re both aware of what is happening and know the final destination. Yet during the trip you learn some new things like getting to see how each other prepares for the trip, how one may react to a driver cutting them off, and how picking a particular song can quickly turn the shouting of road rage into a dance party. We are always learning about ourselves and each other in this adventure of owning a business.  

Since things are going pretty well (and we haven't killed each other yet... YET!) here's what's new with SBO! We’ve evolved our logo! Why you may ask? Mainly because we want to be recognizable both in and out of this industry. As we've grown, others have pointed out that our previous logo didn’t clearly convey what we do and who we are. This brings us to the next update to Something Blue Orlando. We have truly defined what our company represents and where we want to go with our business. Our four pillars are what make Something Blue Orlando a company you can feel secure with - Relationship First, Transparency, Authenticity, and Love Always.

Relationship First, this is the pillar we find to be the absolute foundation of who we are as individuals and as a company. The relationships we build and mold are for years, if not lifetimes to come between both clients and 'friendors'. Seriously, we will be out on the dance floor celebrating your marriage with you and your closest friends and family.

Transparency, we are genuinely here to make your day the best day and not add dollars to your plan with full transparency in pricing and options. Our promise to you is we will always keep a pressure-free line of communication.

Authenticity, this pillar is the one that motivates us the most to keep pursuing honest and creative work.

Love Always, we chose this combination of words to represent a pillar of our company because well, if it weren’t for of love, we wouldn’t have something to celebrate. Something Blue Orlando is an Orlando born company that is inclusive to all walks of love and having one of our own as part of the LGBTQ community, it only makes sense because Love Always wins.

Next up, the socials! We have spent countless hours training on how to tame the beast you all know so well as social media (Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok, OH MY!) We aim to be more present on our socials and get the chance to show you our true selves. Break out the popcorn and get ready to laugh babes!

Finally, our website. Since you’re already here, take a tour of our new set up! Our experiences and our eagerness to learn new ways to connect with our couples make us your fun choice of planners. We are so happy you made this far into our first blog post! Stay tuned for our second post on November 7th, 2020.

Love Always,

Sam + Hannah


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