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Five Ways To Have Your Dream Wedding During A Pandemic!

So you're engaged, ready to get married, and all of the sudden there is a pandemic. Now what?!

Planning a wedding can already be an overwhelming and immense task for a couple to take on. Now, when you throw a global pandemic into the mix with all new rules and regulations; we can understand how challenging and intimidating to navigate that may seem. In this post, we will share all the ways you can still have your dream wedding -- pandemic style.

I know what you're probably thinking; "Can I still have our dream wedding during a global pandemic?", " Are couples still going through with their wedding plans?", " How would we do that in times like these?". The answer is absolutely! We understand the worry, fear, and the unknown that may go into the planning and  the execution of your wedding during a pandemic. Our number one focus is to take your stress away and make our couples as comfortable as possible with the entire process leading up to your big day. We want you to rest assured that we are taking every necessary preventative measure to ensure that you have an amazing and enjoyable, yet safe wedding. With our experience in the new era of “COVID-19 weddings”, we would love to share with you some ways in which we and you can implement a clean and friendly environment on your wedding day.


» Being that we already work closely with your wedding vendors, we go the extra mile to know what their current COVID precautions and processes look like. It is important to us that we stay transparent and open with each of our couples and pass along all information regarding how they will keep you and your guests safe while providing a great service  We are making it a priority to know what steps are being taken to ensure a clean, spacious, COVID friendly environments where you, our couples, as well as your guests and vendors, feel safe to celebrate your special day!

 » Let's talk food safety! There are so many unique ways that you can make your guests feel safe. Communicate with your caterers & venue to find out what their suggestions and what the handling practices might look like during your wedding. Most commonly, caterers may suggest table by table dismissal to avoid a line at the buffet, a plated dinner, having attendants at the buffets/stations and even some other unique options. Some of our favorites that we've seen come into play are individual charcuterie boards for cocktail hour, personal pizzas for each guest, and food trucks! Honestly guys, all the food trucks!

» Be socially distant! Observing social distancing and working with your venue to adhere to current CDC guidelines is a great way to stay safe (Guest attendance comes into play here). Some venues may have a guest limitations and restrictions when it comes to capacity. This may be something you want to keep an eye out for if you plan on having a bigger wedding during COVID-19 to and make sure your guest list does not exceed the venue's modified capacity. Options to help keep a beautiful wedding flow would be to stage both the ceremony and reception sites for comfortable social distancing. Minimizing guests at tables and spacing out ceremony chairs are two great options for this.

» Which brings us to our next suggestion! We know the effects that COVID can have on your wedding day, specifically you guest count. Having a smaller guest count can result in having to cut some of your friends and family. That is why we love technology (sometimes)! It is absolutely possible to have someone livestream or Zoom your wedding day. This way, although your family/friends may not be there physically, this still gives them the opportunity to be a part of your day. You can even offer a live feed to your guests at home who are unavailable to make the trip and they can watch from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Want to go the extra mile? Send mini bottles of champagne and glasses to your at home guests so that they can participate in a toast with you, the newlyweds!

» Most of all, clean, clean, clean! The whole Something Blue team works extremely hard to make sure you and your guests feel like they are in a clean and sanitized space. Want to go the extra mile? Offer PPE stations with cute sanitizers, custom masks, and yes even personalized lysol wipes! We want to assure you peace of mind so you can focus on your big day! We will handle the rest!

We hope that these few examples of how to have your dream wedding during this time are a great start in finding ways to make you feel comfortable about having your special day! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Love Always,

Lex & The Something Blue Team


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