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3 Things to Think About When Creating Your Wedding Place Cards

Alright you guys, let’s talk about place cards! Hanging, standing, big or small we love them all! This is one of our absolute favorite elements to work on with our couples. Without a doubt unique place cards are the number one way that Sam & I tie in your love story to your overall wedding design. In this blog post, we are going to be sharing 3 things to think about when creating your wedding place cards! *Don’t worry, we’ll keep it short and sweet*

1. Make them uniquely you – Say it louder for the people in the back! Your wedding is all about YOU! You and your S.O. coming together as one, where you’ve been and what’s to come in this next chapter. Use your place cards to share a piece of your story whether it be how you met or even a simple nod to something that you bond over - let them be a symbol of your relationship.

2. Make them easy for your guests to read – This is a big one! The purpose of having a place card at each seat (besides the aesthetic, always the aesthetic) is so that your guests know where it is they are sitting. That being said, be sure when designing these that they are legible. Of course, play with different colors, shapes, textures and fonts but make sure that grandma and grandpa (and your blind best friends) are still able to find their seats easily.

3. Have fun! – We mean this! Planning your wedding should be fun but we understand that sometimes stress can get the best of you. Use this as a time to relax and sit down with your significant other. Make it a fun wedding planning date night activity - kick back, have a drink (or two), and talk and laugh about your relationship from start to finish. Let those creative thoughts flow and bounce ideas off of one another (yes, even the silly ones) because I promise this is how you come up with the most unique and special concepts for your day!

Love Always,

Hannah + Sam

Need some inspiration to get started? Here’s a few of our all-time favorite place cards that we have done!


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